BJ & Scott

Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Duo, 2010s

Betty Jo RockwellSongs which touch many souls, lyrics which ring true in many hearts, Betty Jo's songs have a haunting, memorable melodies and stirring chord structures. A whisper of the old Celtic lands sings through and gives this music an ethereal, timeless quality.

Betty Jo writes songs which audiences relate to on a soul level. "You have the ability to lift the human spirit," a fan once told her.  Performing with her husband, Scott, they work in DC, MD, VA, WV and PA.  Some of their performances include the Country Roads Folk Festival, Uptown Concerts, River House Concerts, Elkton Old Time Music Festival, a Tribute to Senator Robert Byrd, WV Eastern Panhandle Earth Day Celebration, Stop The Kaboom III and IV, events for social and political organizations, benefits, clubs, and coffeehouses.

Betty Jo and Scott left the band Allegheny Uprising in June 2007 to pursue writing and recording original music. Jay Votel continued playing with a different formation of Allegheny Uprising and some other groups before he met an untimely death in June 2008.

Betty Jo released a CD of her original songs, entitled Songs from the Soul.  She has completed her second CD, Transformation; released on the Canadian American Label.  Allegheny Uprising recorded a CD entitled Pretty Little Dog.  Her song "Freedom in His Words," a tribute to Senator Robert Byrd was included in a film produced by the Ryan Teen Filmmaking Institute.  Furthermore, Betty Jo is working with Canadian American Records on worldwide radio releases of her songs.  "True Love," and "Voice of Your Soul." are included in the Canadian American Compilation CD presented at the 2012 Midem Music Conference in Cannes, France.

Betty Jo contributed two songs to the Canadian American summer 2012 release CD; " Famous Rock Star," and " It's All for The Best, Anyway."  Betty Jo and Joey Welz of Canadian American Records have co-written a song entitled "Rock Star." Joey put his own twist on Betty Jo's song, "Famous Rock Star." He has added this adaptation to his most recent album.

Betty Jo Rockwell

Selections from BJ & Scott's album, "Songs from The Soul" have been included in numerous internet radio broadcasts and podcasts, including Women of Substance Radio, Indie Castle Radio, Rukus Radio, Celebrate Radio, Olde Suber Station Radio,Celtic Roots Radio, Celtica, The Andrew John New Music Show, The Songwriters Network show on, and Radio Waves International, France.

Her Midem release, "Love Always Prevails," is being played on stations in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, and the U.S.

Betty Jo's song "Destination Blue" has been listed on the Independent Music Review Country Charts, which is based on playlists of 100 country radio stations, for four consecutive months.  Destination Blue reached #2 The Independent Music Review Country charts for December 2013.

Joey Welz represented Betty Jo and promoted her new album, Transformation at the Midem Music Conference in Cannes, France in February 2014.  The album Transformation was released for worldwide distribution on Canadian American Records in mid-February 2014.  Joey Welz, president of Canadian American Records entered Betty Jo's album Transformation for a Grammy Award nomination for album of the year for 2014.

The single "Living in the Present" is receiving airplay on independent country stations in the Netherlands and Australia.

"Desperation Shuffle" and "Listen" included in the Canadian American Sizzlin' Summer Radio Compilation 2014; "Listen" was listed at #2 on the Independent Music Review country charts in the autumn of 2014. Desperation Shuffle was part of the Homegrown Rocker Radio show from Altoona PA. also in 2014.


Two new songs, Clifftop and Disappear were released for radio in February 2015 and are receiving airplay on country and rock stations around the world.

Her third album will be completed in the summer of 2017 and released in the fall.

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