Cami Bradley

Pop, America's Got Talent Finalist 2013 Season 8, Female 2010's

CamiBradley2Cami Bradley says, "My musical goal is to compel you to stop, reflect, soak up the lyrics, the rhythm, and hopefully, my voice. Who doesn't need an excuse to take a break from their busy life?"

Music is in her bones. It's been an integral part of who she is her entire life. She's been playing piano, singing and writing music since before her brain could form whole memories, stringing together bits and pieces. Her music is her story - the lyrical interpretations of the people around her and the lives they lead. It is a reflection of moments that have impacted her throughout her years of her life.

Cami's spent the last year writing and recording her newest album SEAS. It is an eclectic mix of folk, indie-pop, and jazz, resulting in a diverse sound that embodies who she is. If you're reading this, we hope you will pause and give the video above a look and listen, as this is off SEAS. We think you will get just a glimpse into who she is.

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