Dr. Andrea

Conversation Reimagined Radio Show Host, Keynote Speaker, Organizational Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Team Builder, Trust Restorer, Health & Wellness, Female, 2020s

Dr. AndreaDr. Andrea is the host of "Conversation Reimagined" Radio Show. Gain insights, and tools for having better conversations.  Let Dr. Andrea help you to understand what is happening in the brain and body, chemically, electrically, magnetically, mentally, and emotionally during conversations that impact how we converse and connect on Conversation Reimagined. Dr. Andrea will explore methods to *think *about conversations differently or for how to behave differently in order to have better relationship outcomes.

Gain insights, tools, and tips for having better conversations to have better relationships with Dr. Andrea.

In addition, Dr. Andrea is a keynote speaker, consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer, and educator is certified in Conversational Intelligence.  Her clients include: Microsoft, Honeywell, and Westinghouse, to name a few household names.  

Dr. Luoma has been on the academic faculty at:

  • The George Washington University, Washington DC 
  • Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island
  • San Diego Mesa College, California
  • Glion University in Switzerland
  • John F. Kennedy University, California
  • United States International University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Alliant International University, California
  • International College of Management, Sydney, Australia
  • Washington State University, Washington

A part of Dr. Andrea’s success in how she works with clients is through neurological approaches to shift one’s state of mind. Pre-training and pre-development work bring awareness and readiness for behavioral or content change, creating a cooperative state of mind and expansive thinking. 

She earned her education at:

  • Ph.D. Leadership, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
  • Master of Arts: Organisational Communication, focus on management training and development, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
  • Bachelor of Arts: International Relations, with emphasis on Japan and Foreign Affairs, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Dr. Luoma is a Certified Facilitator

  • Conversational Intelligence© (Neurology-based approach to conversations for impact, relationship enhancement, team building, and co-creation)
  • Appreciation Languages in the Workplace©, (Psychology-approach to building sustainable relationships that go beyond recognition, rewards and employee engagement
  • Toxic Workplace Prevention & Repair©, (Psychology-based approach to transform workplaces into healthier cultures)
  • Certified, Fascinate©, (Marketing-based assessment to leverage persuasive communication and create successful interactions with others)

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