Nathalie W. Herrman

Motivational Speaker, Author, Fitness Guru, Female, 2010s

 Nathalie Herrman Motivational Keynote SpeakerWho is Nathalie?

"The quintessential motivator."
- Molly Gregory, Psychologist

"An extreme talent."
-Eileen Curtis, Past President Dulles (VA) Regional Chamber of Commerce

"A positive leader... with energy like warm sunshine."
-Tom Nickerson, CEO, Nickerson Investments

Nathalie W. Herrman is an emerging motivational keynote speaker who works with individuals and organizations who want to master empowerment strategies to maximize productivity, amplify effective leadership, and stop stressing in relation to time.

She is the published author of two books, Daily Enlightenments: 365 Days of Spiritual Reflection, and The Art of Good Habits: Health, Love, Presence, and Prosperity.  In addition, Nathalie is a personal trainer, massage therapist, Reiki Master, an award-winning blogger, mother of adult twins, holder of two patents, and founder of Conscious Living Online Community.

Nathalie graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University in 1991, has entrepreneurial experience as an importer, an inventor and is widely recognized for her professionalism and ability to motivate.

"Nathalie delivers!"
- Robert Bagshaw, AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

Nathalie's presentations can be formatted as Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, or Half-Day Workshops

Nathalie Herrman Art Of Good HabitsOption #1: To Maximize Productivity
At work and in life, we tell ourselves stories and live with the results of those stories in our heads. Our excuses, complaints, and limiting beliefs keep us trapped in mediocrity, disempowered, isolated, and lacking in confidence.
The Weight Training for the Mind: Breaking out of the Mediocrity Mindset presentation empowers participants to:
• Transform ineffective thinking
• Live in possibility
• Experience aliveness
• Master personal power and be valuable team players
• Choose consciously
• Communicate effectively

1. Build Unshakable Confidence
2. Energize Stale Work Environments
3. Effectively Produce Results
"What I like best about Nathalie is her positive attitude and vitality! Her uplifting spirit makes me feel better as a person- in both body and mind."
- Nancy Romeo, AFT (American Federation of Teachers)
"Nathalie helps me refine my performance. She has a great sense of humor, but she means business. Because of Nathalie I say, ‘Yes, I can’ as I face my day to day challenges, and I have the energy to reach out to others as well as take better care of myself."
- Carol Ann Bradley, President, NCNW (National Council of Negro Women, Reston)
"Nathalie gave me hope for myself that I could accomplish something that I felt was out of reach."
- Gretchen Horst, NASW (National Association of Social Workers)

Option # 2: To Amplify Effective Leadership

As leaders, we are role models for the energy, attitude, and action that we want to experience in our team. And yet, under the pressure of our daily demands, it’s easy to lose sight of this, and end up faultfinding and complaining instead of leading by example.
The Circulating Empowerment: Energizing and Incentivizing Self and Others presentation empowers leaders to:
• Empower themselves
• Empower others
• Lead by example
• Listen for understanding
• Communicate encouragement
• Create excitement
• Engage with enthusiasm

1. Effectively Lead Productive Teams
2. Creatively Engage All Members
3. Boost Drive, Determination, and Job Satisfaction
"Nathalie is the most knowledgeable and professional trainer I have ever had.”
- Bob Kay, Virginia State Golf Association
"Nathalie has made me strong… and that equals confidence, not only physically, but emotionally.”
- May Bernhardt, Reston Association

Nathalie Herrman Daily Enlightenments

Option # 3: To Stop Stressing in Relation to Time
Incessant demands create tension and strain within us, and we get stuck unconsciously on the merry-go-round of daily responsibility. We are busy, but not necessarily productive. Sometimes, it’s as if we are “spinning our wheels” like a jeep stuck in the mud. Our jobs and our lives are short on pleasure, and the hours we keep drain our energy. We feel certain that if we only had more time then, surely, we would feel better. But maybe not. Maybe, what we need is a whole new approach.Nathalie W. Herrman 4
The Stop Stressing and Align with Time presentation empowers participants to:
• Transform their mindset in relation to time
• Adjust dynamically and creatively to the revolving currents of life
• Do one thing at a time fully
• Plan and be organized
• Stop shallow breathing and reduce stress
• Set boundaries
• Eliminate the unnecessary
• Take technology breaks
• Appreciate daily rhythms
• Have more fun!

1. Eliminate Stress
2. Master Work-Life Balance
3. Be Efficient and Effective

"Nathalie gets me to do what is best for me in the nicest way, and she doesn’t let me give up. Who could ask for anything more?”
- Barbara Beecy, NVAR, Northern Virginia Association of Realtors

Book Nathalie today so that she can motivate your meeting, deliver experiential learning that meeting participants will enjoy, remember, talk about, and be able to implement immediately for powerful, positive results.

Your successful meeting is her priority!

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