Program Options

Option 1: Blues Interactive  

Our renowned signature program. A mix of our band’s performance and audience interactive songwriting (in which your people write and sing their original blues songs about company-specific issues.) This service includes one custom song about your organization that we will write and perform ice breaker. Approximately 2 and 1/2 hours.

Option 2: Rock The House  

We’ll help teams of your people write rock ‘n’ roll songs about their work issues and they’ll have a chance to perform them with our band. Using the global language of music, and the energy, creativity, and honesty of rock, participants tap into heretofore unutilized resources to get fully engaged and aligned—passionate about their work, living their values, and responsible for results. This is a great team builder exercise. One custom song included. Approximately 2 and 1/2 hours.

Option 3: Rock Star

Call it Idol, Voice or Factor or just a chance to glitter in the spot light. You become the star! This service is built upon the talent that lies deep in your organization. OETM takes individuals that choose to perform and we rehearse them, then they perform onstage for their colleagues with the OETM band. This can be done in a competition or in a concert type of format. The enthusiasm and appreciation of the audience for their co-workers performing is amazing and inspiring and serves as a great team builder. Performers of all types participate, even drummers!

Top Ten Challenges Your Company/Association May Have and How We Resolve Them Together!

  • Challenge 1: 300 participants need a 2-3 hour group activity
  • Challenge 2: Leadership program needs team-building event
  • Challenge 3: Need something to give life to a conference
  • Challenge 4: Get high-level executives into action
  • Challenge 5: HR team needs to show their chops
  • Challenge 6: End your conference with a bang
  • Challenge 7: Communicate Your Innovative Initiative
  • Challenge 8: Sales Conference needs to make a splash!
  • Challenge 9: Leaders want something to capture the event
  • Challenge 10: Communicate a powerful message

You have "challenges," together we have answers... Read about them on the next page!

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