Challenge 1: 300 participants need a 2-3 hour group activity

300 participants need a 2-3 hour program to help them engage in a fun group activity that will enhance [the] company's new objective:  “empowerment.”   POSSIBLE CAUSES  CEO decided a new direction  More of the team is working from distant locations

ACTION: Rock the House »  An interactive group activity songwriting event featuring a 6-piece band which then breaks your people into groups that write songs about innovation and empowerment.  Have the lead team sing a custom written song about your theme.

Challenge 2: Leadership program needs team-building event

Leadership program needs team-building event that is part of the program’s menu. 100 different participants every 3 months.   POSSIBLE CAUSES  Banking industry giant wants to develop high potential leaders  Consulting group wants to brand their program by offering something different.  After so many mergers & acquisitions, different functions need to network and find out what’s happening in other parts of the bank.

ACTION: Blues Interactive »  100 attendees are split up into 10 groups for group activities.  FTM engages with blues interactive for innovation and creativity  Attendees write blues songs about their challenges, perform them with our band and come away energized with a new perceptive.  Quite often a dance party organically happens directly after event.

Challenge 3: Need something to give life to a conference

Creative director, producer, HR needs something to give lift[e] to [a] conference.   POSSIBLE CAUSES  Sales Conference  Unveiling new product line  Awards ceremony

ACTION: House Band »  4-7 piece live band provides a “Late Night Band” format, with play on and offs for speakers.  Creates an air of excitement with innovation and slick production.  Custom rewrites or original songs.

Challenge 4: Get high-level executives into action   Get high-level executives and their direct reports into action. They think they’ve seen everything.   POSSIBLE CAUSES  Merger or change initiative  Feeling the pressure from the market  New leadership wants to start off with a bang   ACTION: Beyond The Blues »  Blues Interactive group activities followed up by engagement of the participants to jump start innovation and proactive changes  Work force Energized and with an action plan in their pocket

Challenge 5: HR team needs to show their chops   HR team wants to position themselves as players at the decision-making table at large corporation.   POSSIBLE CAUSES  Need to show their chops and step out in a different way  Team members frustrated—feel they can add more value to the company   ACTION: Team Jam »  Intimate, revitalizing 2-day group activities offsite  Revamping team charter, reinventing themselves, and stepping outside the box  Subgroup songs on critical innovation and strategy issues  Team brand song that defines new culture; share with internal clients

Challenge 6: End your conference with a bang   After 3 days of speakers and breakout sessions, event organizers know they’re going to be ready for something else.   POSSIBLE CAUSES  Excessive PowerPoints  Cup is full  Connection happening on some levels, but could expand   ACTION: Dance/Reception Band »  Hot band for final night banquet  Get ’em out cuttin’ the rug and connecting  Time for fun and celebration  A few inspiring performances from the Face The Music breakout session to get things started with a bang

Challenge 7: Communicate Your Innovative Initiative   You’ve got an innovation and communication initiative and need to communicate by being innovative.   POSSIBLE CAUSES  “We’ve talked about this many times before.”  Pipeline is drying up  Losing talent to more original-thinking companies   ACTION: Keynote »  30- to 90-minute keynote with cutting edge content  Great sense of humor while opening the crowd to their own possibilities as innovators  Music keeps it flowing, and helps participants reframe their own assumptions

Challenge 8: Sales Conference needs to make a splash!  

Sales Conference needs to make a splash!   POSSIBLE CAUSES  Launching a new product  Sales team with talent wants something competitive and fun  American Idol has everyone wanting to get onstage…  

ACTION: Rock Star »  Talented individuals that choose to perform are rehearsed before the event. When it’s showtime, they perform onstage for their colleagues with the Face The Music band. This can be done in a competition or in a concert type of format. The energy and support the audience gives their colleagues onstage is phenomenal.

Challenge 9: Leaders want something to capture the event

POSSIBLE CAUSES  Need a cool takeaway  Want to keep the learning alive  Hold participants performances for ransom   ACTION: Record it »  Using state of the art digital recording. We can provide CD’s, MP3’s or DVD’s of your event.

Challenge 10: Communicate a powerful message   Communicate a powerful message. Stand out from the noise of all the other information being communicated to the target audience.   POSSIBLE CAUSES  Video alone is dry  Want a unique way to launch new products Help workforce deal with change   ACTION: Custom Song Services »  Basically, we write a song about your theme(s), work with you to refine it, record it, and deliver it in any format you want. The finished product is a great way to communicate a powerful message to employees, customers, clients, vendors, or the press. “If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a really great song is worth a million.”


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